Gel Polish Remover - Story

As a result of the success of the Stylfile product range and Tom’s involvement in the nail industry and understanding of nail care and nail applications, yet another beauty problem came to light.

With the ever-increasing popularity of instant drying, durable high gloss gel nail polish applications came the ever-growing problem of just how to easily remove the polish and avoid nail damage.

At worst people are picking off the polish causing damage to the nail bed. Typically salons and in turn individuals use pieces of tin foil to wrap around each finger to hold the acetone soaked cotton wool in place. And often the foils slip which mean the acetone isn’t successfully applied to the polish – and can even be damaging to skin.

Goodbye foils – Hello clips!

The new Stylfile Gel Polish Remover Kit brings you everything you need to safely remove gel nail polish at home.

The unique Stylfile Zebra S-file is the same S-shape as other files in the hugely popular Stylfile nailcare collection. It follows the nails’ natural shape, and has a unique buffing surface, making it easy to buff the surface of the gel polish away before soaking the nails, even when using your non-dominant hand.

Gone are the fiddly foil wraps. In their place the kit has an ingenious set of re-usable clips that are placed over cotton wool soaked in the gel polish remover solution to hold it firmly and comfortably on each nail, making sure the soak off is quick and effective.