FAQs: STYLPRO Glow & Go Travel Mirror

The STYLPRO Glow & Go LED Mirror has a dimmable light setting.

You can dim the LED lights on the face of the mirror by pressing and holding down the button on the front repeatedly, until you find the setting that suits you best.

Absolutely. The STYLPRO Glow & Go LED Mirror comes with a safety sleeve, which keeps the mirror protected in your luggage. Our USB charging port also means you can charge it on the go.

Ensure the Power button is in the ON position. Plug in the USB cable and the little light should appear RED. Once fully charged the light will go out. (after about 4 hours)

Our brilliant magnification mirror is magnetic, meaning you can attach it to any area of the mirror face without leave a trace, unlike sucker-based mirror attachments.

Of course! On the back of the STYLPRO Glow & Go LED Mirror is a pop-out stand, which you can use vertically or horizontally for a free-standing mirror.

Please find a downloadable version of our instructions here.